Saturday, May 3, 2008

YouTube’s funniest video clips

Funniest commercial ever

This is one of the YouTube’s funniest video clips. One of the funniest videos I have ever seen is a compilation of funny cats on YOUTUBE. I am sure you all have probably seen America's Funniest videos at one time or another and the funniest videos are usually of animals doing silly or crazy things. I happened to come across a video all about funny cats one day when I was searching for funny videos on You Tube . The video I found is a compilation of short clips of cats doing crazy things. The video clip is over three minutes long. What I find to be hilarious about this video is the fact that these cats are just doing there thing and it happens to be hilarious.

NBA funniest scenes

That was his second broken backboard. In my opinion, the first one was more spectacular. All the glass fell out. With the West the way it is these days - you would never bother with a montage like this when you could be splicing Lebron 'n Kobe plays!

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