Saturday, June 28, 2008

YouTube plugged into Playstation 3

Google is now offering software that streams video, photos, and music from your PC to your television. With help from the Google Media Server, your TV can access videos, music, and photos stored on your PC, and naturally, it can tap straight into YouTube, the video-sharing site where Google hopes to serve an enormous number of advertisements. Google is already streaming YouTube videos into living room via third-party devices like Apple TV and HP's Media Smart TV. And now it's reaching out for the Playstation 3 crowd. The Google Media Server - available here - is a free Windows app that sends media files to your TV via the Playstation 3 and other Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) devices. It works in tandem with Google Desktop, the desktop search tool that also runs various and sundry software widgets known as Google Gadgets. "In the old days, we used to watch a simple device called a television. Nowadays, all the stuff worth watching and listening to tends to be stored on or accessed through a computer," writes software engineer David Garcia on the Google Desktop blog. "To help remedy this, we are pleased to release the Google Media Server." Advertisement: Best of You Tube.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shaq Freestyle Rap Dissing Kobe Bryant + Lyrics

Now it's time for one of the most exciting utube videos of this week - Shaq Rap Dissing Kobe Bryant .. Freestyle Diss

Four years, two teams and a championship later, Shaquille O'Neal is still ripping Kobe Bryant.

Video on shows the Phoenix Suns center doing a freestyle rap in a nightclub on Sunday night in which he puts down his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate.

"You know how I be," Shaq rapped. "Last week Kobe couldn't do without me."

Lyrics: Lyrics:
Check it, You know how I be
Last week Kobe couldn't do without me
Ya know how I be
Last Week Kobe couldn't do without me

I call myself big but I'm not as good as Biggie
I call myself big cuz I live next to Diddy
Excuse me, Diddy live next to me, so in the hood dawg I feel like B-I-G

Cuz if Biggie was still here, he would be right there, on star island in a mansion somewhere chillin
sitting on about half a billion, cuz me and gunz can buy sh** that's half a billion

Forreal dawg now that's B-I-G, there aint nobody in the world do it bigger than me
That's like a white boy trying to be more n**** than me
That's like a homeless cat having more figures than me

That's like Patrick Ewing having more rings than me
That's like rappers (inaudible)things than me
That's you saying to yourself you better than me
That's like Kareem saying to himself he better than me
Now stop, think about that, it aint about that, its about B-I-G AKA Shaq
Now that's the difference between first and last place,

Kobe, N****, Tell me how my azz taste
Okay, Kobe, Tell me how my azz taste
Okay, Everybody, Kobe Tell me how my azz taste

I'm a horse, Kobe rat-ed me out, that's why I'm getting divorced
He said Shaq gave a b**** a Mil, I don't do that cause my name Shaquille
I love em, I don't leave em' I got a vasectomy, now I can't breed them

Kobe How my azz taste
Everybody, Kobe how my azz taste
Yeah, you can't do without me
Kobe, You can't do without me (repeat 2 times)
Everybody, Kobe, Tell how my azz taste (Collective)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 Launched Personalized Homepage

In February YouTube began beta-testing its personalized homepages for individual users. Such personalization on YouTube was a long time coming, considering the advancements seen in other social media recommendation services and even third-party recommendation services that pertain directly to YouTube. Our Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow, however, had a much improved experience with his YouTube recommendations, which were accurate based on what he’d favorited. Based on the feedback received in these past few months of beta-testing, YouTube is now ready to launch the personalized homepages with a few improvements. Text for comments and messages are included directly in the body of these update emails, so you can see what these messages are without having to return to YouTube clips and logging in. I haven’t received any update emails from YouTube since this particular feature upgrade was rolled out, so I can’t say this for certain, but direct reply options for messages and comments via email would save users (especially power users) even more time. The video recommendation system has likely been tweaked, though this hasn’t been explicitly stated by YouTube. If it were up to me, I’d say that the tweaks are unnoticeable — one of my recommendations was for the same video I’ve already favorited, just a copy that’s been uploaded by another user. Nevertheless, if repeat content could be minimized in recommendations, that would be a vast improvement for my personal experience (I know it’s hard, but eventually doable). The most notable improvement to YouTube’s personalization features would be the tweaks made to the email notification system.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jonas Brothers - Burnin' Up - Official Music Video (HQ)

Have you seen this Utube video ? Brand new album A Little Bit Longer available August 12, 2008. Get Burnin' Up at iTunes on June 24th. Video available now! I have to say, theyre really good!! I have never been a fan because I dont listen to Pop likE That! bt i love this song!!&& they boy witht the curly hair is hot! whats his name? he played James bond well lool

This video is AWESOME!!! The whole spy, action thing is way cool! Nick looked good as James Bond! and Joe and Kevin were funny! Especially when Joe was combing his moustache! Haha!I like the part when Rob started to rap. It made the music video a little hip-hop! It was great! I loved it!!! keep on rockin' Kevin, Joe, and Nick!!! and u too, Rob!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

4 yo Kaitlyn Maher - America's Got Talent 2008 NYC Auditions

4 yo Kaitlyn Maher - America's Got Talent 2008 NYC Auditions

Youtubers comments:

"aww shes adorable!
just think when her voice matures, shes going to be REALLY good!"

"I wont be suprised if it soon comes a 1 year old that sings..."

"ive been looking for this song in the background forever now and have never found it . i know the name of the song is somewhere over the rainbow... this little girl brought me to tears, she is absolutely the cutest girl ever!!!"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Juicecaster: Applications for posting videos, pictures online

Searching for fun ? AT&T Inc. is launching two new mobile applications designed to make it easier for customers to watch clips and share photos and Videos That Met A Certain Standard on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook from their wireless devices. AT&T will offer JuiceCaster as an add-on service on 2G and 3G handsets for $2.99.

JuiceCaster 6.0, an application from Juice Wireless, allows wireless customers to post content on social-networking sites Facebook, Blogger, LiveJournal, MySpace, Twitter and Xanga as well as make new friends on the JuiceCaster community.
AT&T is offering the Buzzwire mobile media application for an extra $4.99 a month and is available on a number of the company's 3G handsets.

"Summer travel doesn't have to mean taking a vacation from your online world," said Mark Collins, vice president of consumer data products for AT&T's wireless unit. "There is real value and demand for giving consumers the tools to create and share video on the fly."

The mobile company is also giving wireless customers access to content from Buzzwire Inc., which will allow AT&T customers to watch more than 5,000 videos, including Webisodes, user-generated video content and news, sports and entertainment.

San Antonio-based AT&T (NYSE: T) is the nation's largest wireless company.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This is the first interactive video on YouTube ! Interactive card trick.

This is the first interactive video on YouTube! Have fun and enjoy the show.

This guy is really u all can see this vid has almost 2mil views from just 2 days. Nice neat trick and interactive vid. It should be featured on Top YouTube video.

Link: Interactive card trick

PS: He changes the suits, so no matter what you choose, it will not be there. Go though the steps, then go back. Notice the suits are noe different ;)

Monday, June 2, 2008

YouTube video: Usain Bolt 9.72 sec World Record 100m

One of the most exciting videos - Usain Bolt smashing Powell's record with +1.7w in New York Meeting on 01/06/08 beating Tyson Gay in the same time (9.85 for T.G ).

Bolt had a fantastic start and the gap never really widened after the three second mark. If Tyson Gay improves his start then I think he could match or even beat Bolt. I don't rule out the possibility of Tyson Gay beating this guy some day. Same goes for Asafa Powell. Jamaicans have always been at the top of track and field. What has held them back for years was the lack of world class training. This is evident by the success they have had in the past after leaving Jamaica and performing for Countries in Europe and North America. This training is now available in Jamaica and due to this Jamaica is now poised to DOMINATE !!!!