Monday, June 2, 2008

YouTube video: Usain Bolt 9.72 sec World Record 100m

One of the most exciting videos - Usain Bolt smashing Powell's record with +1.7w in New York Meeting on 01/06/08 beating Tyson Gay in the same time (9.85 for T.G ).

Bolt had a fantastic start and the gap never really widened after the three second mark. If Tyson Gay improves his start then I think he could match or even beat Bolt. I don't rule out the possibility of Tyson Gay beating this guy some day. Same goes for Asafa Powell. Jamaicans have always been at the top of track and field. What has held them back for years was the lack of world class training. This is evident by the success they have had in the past after leaving Jamaica and performing for Countries in Europe and North America. This training is now available in Jamaica and due to this Jamaica is now poised to DOMINATE !!!!

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