Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YouTube video - 15.01.2009 New York City Plane Crashes Into The Hudson River

Birds get into the engine of an airplane causing it to crash into the Hudson River. US Airways Jet Engine Plane Crashes In New York City Hudson River 1/15/09

NEW YORK - A US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson River on Thursday afternoon after striking a bird that disabled two engines, sending passengers fleeing for safety in the frigid waters, a government official said. This is on of the most amazing videos from utube.

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown said the US Airways Flight 1549 had just taken off from LaGuardia Airport en route to Charlotte, N.C., when the crash occurred in the river near 48th Street in midtown Manhattan.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

YouTube video - NBA TV Top 10: January 13th

Our blog brings you most amazing You Tube videos everyday , this time NBA's Top 10 Plays for January 13th, 2009.

YouTubers' comments:

"Kobe Kobe Kobe! That was right after a Shane Battier 3 put Houston up.
LeBron doin what LeBron doin. You can't really stop this guy, can you?"

"Lebron is a clown lol making all those circus shots."

"great top 10, but in my opinion, the #1 didn't deserve to be #1

and, btw, even i usually don't like kobe and lebron, they're really doing great this year. kobe has proven, that he is a hell of a clutch player, and not just once, i think he had like 4 game winners already."

"I demand that people can make big claims on their comments about LeBron and whoever, provided they punctuate properly and use correct grammar. Otherwise, there's no point typing it--no one understands it anyway!"

"How is Lebron overrated?? Really?
I could list countless reasons hes NOT but do I really have to?
If someone else made that #1 play you wouldnt complain....
Problem is Lebron does it every night and it has become the norm.... Why cant we just appreciate a player that will be remembered as one of the greats....if not the greatest when its all said and done"

Would Pre-Vetting All Video Help Google Make Money On YouTube?

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about how Google are trying, and ultimately failing at this point, to make YouTube the revenue-getting machine its traffic indicates it could, and should, be.

A couple of days ago, it leaked that Google were going to be reversing a long-held conviction, and putting pre-roll and post-roll adverts on to the site - a move very likely to upset regular visitors.
Only For Approved Content

It was also reported that these adverts were only to appear on videos which have been approved by media companies and other partners. A move obviously prompted by the legal wrangle with Viacom currently playing out in court.

Approved content only accounts for about 4% of the total videos on YouTube, and for that, Google is expecting to make about $200 million in revenue this year. So the question now being asked is: Should Google up the rate of approved videos?
Pre-Vetting To Increase Revenue?

Mark Cuban asks that question on Blog Maverick, and puts a clear and well-thought out argument forward. Basically saying that the extra revenue generated would pay for the automatic and manual reviewing of video content on being uplaoded on to the site.

There is currently over 10 hours of content uploaded to the site every minute, so that would be quite a job for a data center to handle, but the extra revenue generated could indeed make it a viable option.

As Cuban says, Google is already doing this exact same process for the 4% of videos that do pass the copyright-free content owned tests already, so it’s not as though it would be a completely new system to set up and manage.
Video-Vetting Backlash

Purely for the business of revenue-generating, this would obviously work, but in the pursuit of profit, how much would Google be risking in terms of YouTube losing its status as the ultimate video destination, and one which isn’t subject to pre-vetting.

Back in March, Steve Chen, one of the original founders of YouTube, argued that video vetting would ruin the ease and immediacy that the site currently offers to people who want to upload video content to the Web.
Revenue Vs User Satisfaction

The Christian YouTube clone GodTube does use pre-vetting, and it means videos take a while to make it on to the site. I’m not too sure that YouTube veterans would take too kindly to a change such as this.

It means Google are in a position where it has to make a decision to risk annoying its many millions of users, but making extra revenue, or leaving things as they are, and making less. I’m guessing the former.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

YouTube video: NBA's Top 10 Plays for January 3rd, 2009

If you like to see amazing action and also watch YouTube videos you have to check it out:

YouTubers' comments:

"dwayne wade had a good games. and it was a nice dunk by the nets player. good top 10 countdown"

"One of the best top ten in this season"

"This was without doubt the best top 10 this season!
and ah #6, that's so similar to one dunk Kobe did before, perhaps D-Wade is watching these Top 10s for inspiration?
none the less, keep up the good work and KEEP THIS COMMENTATOR!"

"look at J-Smooth he was just walking and when he saw missed shot he get up from one leg just like that and still was above the rim - SICK!"

"d-wade killed the nets and that dooling dunk was pretty nice. bibby needs some dancing lessons by the way. haha"

YouTube video: Miley Cyrus - Fly On The Wall - Official Music Video

Official music video taken from Miley Cyrus Breakout CD.

YouTubers' comments:

"Miley is so cute in this Vid, I think she has a great voice ;)She is not like other Girls. She makes that what she ever want to do :D thats good ;D I love this song :)"

"...i'm not normally a miley fan but I really like her new stuff... The stuff from her break out album's actually quite good.. she seems to be quite talented as I can see from the videos on YouTube. Yeah she had all those like sort of tarty photos.. but what 16 year old hasn't done something like that?.. if they haven't I'm guessing they're a prude... I love to watch YouTube videos"

"The song is about everybody pretending to be her friend and just getting all her secrets and posting them on the websites. She's getting her feelings out about how she is always swarmed by photogs an paparazzi and she cant go into public. So how she never has a little privacy or time alone. Miley, you don't deserve to go through this. Miley also you are a very nice person and I understand."

"Love It! This is one of the best YouTube video clips. Love the song, Love the dancing it has a rockish feel to it. People saying they interpreted the song wrong for making the vid. I think you are, it makes sense to me,papz are chasing her and shes singing a song to them saying like you wish you knew all my secrets so you could make lots of money off me becuase youd always be right, youd know who im dating and what im doing, The first bit was just weird though....especially the glowing cup that turns into a camera"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

YouTube video - NBA TV Top 10: January 2nd

YouTubers' comments:

"game winning shots are so overrated when you talking about highlights because they are just baskets...but that vc shot was nice, I love to watch YouTube videos like this one.
i think the lakers were stiffed that was a highlight filled game they couldve had a couple more plays on there i think "

"I could not stop laughing when I saw Gasol show his sick skills. I love it when big men run the break. "

"Nuggets buzzer beater !!! Melo clutch shot should me #1. "

"I'm sorry but Pau's play should be number 1 that was amazing and hilarious at the same time! Go Lakers! "

"Best top ten for a while. Wallace showing shades of Lebron, Gasol with the insane pass, and VC showing that he's still kicking. Awesome!!! "

YouTube video: George Bush shoe attack

U.S. President George W Bush is attacked by an Iraqi reporter with a shoe. One of the most controversial YouTube videos .


"Like Bush or not, the Secret Service dropped the ball...there should not have been a second shoe thrown. I thought 'body guards' us their bodies to protect from harm?????"

"Ya your right, but that doesn't justify you using so many question marks in your comment. Your hurting the environment using all those ?'s. Also if some one invades your country thats doesn't give you the right to throw shoes, unless the origional offender struck... shoe first... wait... I'm confused. Crazy video ... never mind."

"Bob Marley was shot before a performance once. Was that truly a reflection of how the people on the street felt? Lennon was murdered at a recording once. Was that truly a reflection of how the people on the steet feel about him? You in Iraq? No? Then you can't judge an isolated incident. Neither can I."

"I honestly believe the whole world is against US politics-please resolve the problems facing your country,before you continue playing policeman!!Innocent citizens suffer from wrong decisions being made-typical dirty politics US interest always come first"