Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Tonga earthquake triggers tsunami threatening Tonga, Samoa and Fiji

The quake, which hit at 6.17 am local time (1817 GMT), was centred 130 miles south-southeast of the Tongan capital Nuku'Alofa and 300 miles southeast of Ndoi Island, Fiji.

It struck at a depth of 6.2 miles, the US Geological Survey said.

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A tsunami warning was issued by the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre for Tonga, Niue, Kermadec Islands, American Samoa, Samoa and Fiji.

"An earthquake of this size has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can strike coastlines in the region near the epicentre within minutes to hours. Authorities in the region should take appropriate action in response to this possibility," the centre said.

Local radio stations in Tonga broadcast warnings that a tsunami was possible and that people should move away from coastal villages, but police cited locals who said no big wave had been reported.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

World's Longest Basketball Shot, Wow !

THIRD DECK OF KYLE FIELD VIEW of the World's Longest Basketball Shot
-From Texas A&M University's Football Stadium


"There are simply too many variables to see this from a scientific angle. However, it is possible to look at it from the video editing side of things. And i must say it is sound. There are no visible cutaways and the ball stays in the shot the entire time. It has TWO angles that are identical in timing and structure. And this utube video looks so authentic that it would have taken awesome software to do. Not to mention movies studios cannot get the quality this would require if it were fake. It is real."

"I have not played basketball and football many times in my life. Ive never tried to throw a basketball as long as I could. I honestly have very little knowledge in this. I admit that. Plus it was a long time ago I studied physics but I know the higher you are the long you can throw it."

"Unfortunately man, yes it can be fake. Remember the commercials of Lebron making full court shots over and over in the Gatorade commericial? A little thing called a computer makes it possible. There is powerful software that can do this. I'm not saying its 100% fake, but you can't rule out the possibility."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

YouTube video: Fan Makes An Epic Goal In Saturn 2 1 Spartak Moscow

It looks real, but I am skeptical because I know at least in the EPL those stewards would be running the guy down. And the fact they were on the field for about 35 seconds at least with no one doing anything leads me to believe this was a fake.