Thursday, October 9, 2008

Inspire The World

"Inspire The World".
Video: Sergio San Martín.

This video is really great. I like your style presented in "Inspire The World" - you used a similar style in "Comida" too. Playing with the sharpness, the distance and the focussing objects is interesting, I get lots of impressions watching this video.
Just because of this very contrasty use of black and white fading with a green touch, it seems to be mystic.
Also the sound is selected very speacially. It is a kind of neutral sound, maybe also a sound suggesting emptyness. Ad: Check out 2 funny websites.

Monday, October 6, 2008

YouTube video - Palin CBS interview: exclusive outtakes!

Palin demonstrates her command of the issues facing the United States.

YouTubers' comments:

"I am goin to agree and diagree at the same time! Religion will always play its role in politics but not neccessarly in America. the fact is there are three major religions in the world one is hostile to the other. therefore a wise leader will always put emotions aside and do whats right for his people, weather he/she has to make strategically productive policies in order to meet the countries economic and political interest first, that meant you will have to make this two important issues on top"

"Friend, do me the courtesy of at least Googling stuff so that "thy foot doth not travel too far down thy gullet" (Now that's some scripture!): First, the Pledge is a relatively recent event of about 1900 or so. It was created to get people to forget allegiances to the former countries. FYI: "Under god" was added by or during the Eisenhower years. Thus, the Founding Fathers had squat to do with that and would not have dreamed of such a gimmick." Advertisement: Nice video galleries

"She knows BIG words, but doesn't even know what she reads??? I don't get it. I think if the Republicans win, John McCain is going to be driving her kids to hockey games!"

"Palins performance in the debate was as clueless and incoherent as in the Courics interviews. The only difference was that in the interviews she tried to answer the questions. In the debate, she didnt."