Saturday, January 3, 2009

YouTube video - NBA TV Top 10: January 2nd

YouTubers' comments:

"game winning shots are so overrated when you talking about highlights because they are just baskets...but that vc shot was nice, I love to watch YouTube videos like this one.
i think the lakers were stiffed that was a highlight filled game they couldve had a couple more plays on there i think "

"I could not stop laughing when I saw Gasol show his sick skills. I love it when big men run the break. "

"Nuggets buzzer beater !!! Melo clutch shot should me #1. "

"I'm sorry but Pau's play should be number 1 that was amazing and hilarious at the same time! Go Lakers! "

"Best top ten for a while. Wallace showing shades of Lebron, Gasol with the insane pass, and VC showing that he's still kicking. Awesome!!! "

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