Wednesday, January 7, 2009

YouTube video: Miley Cyrus - Fly On The Wall - Official Music Video

Official music video taken from Miley Cyrus Breakout CD.

YouTubers' comments:

"Miley is so cute in this Vid, I think she has a great voice ;)She is not like other Girls. She makes that what she ever want to do :D thats good ;D I love this song :)"

"...i'm not normally a miley fan but I really like her new stuff... The stuff from her break out album's actually quite good.. she seems to be quite talented as I can see from the videos on YouTube. Yeah she had all those like sort of tarty photos.. but what 16 year old hasn't done something like that?.. if they haven't I'm guessing they're a prude... I love to watch YouTube videos"

"The song is about everybody pretending to be her friend and just getting all her secrets and posting them on the websites. She's getting her feelings out about how she is always swarmed by photogs an paparazzi and she cant go into public. So how she never has a little privacy or time alone. Miley, you don't deserve to go through this. Miley also you are a very nice person and I understand."

"Love It! This is one of the best YouTube video clips. Love the song, Love the dancing it has a rockish feel to it. People saying they interpreted the song wrong for making the vid. I think you are, it makes sense to me,papz are chasing her and shes singing a song to them saying like you wish you knew all my secrets so you could make lots of money off me becuase youd always be right, youd know who im dating and what im doing, The first bit was just weird though....especially the glowing cup that turns into a camera"

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