Wednesday, January 7, 2009

YouTube video: NBA's Top 10 Plays for January 3rd, 2009

If you like to see amazing action and also watch YouTube videos you have to check it out:

YouTubers' comments:

"dwayne wade had a good games. and it was a nice dunk by the nets player. good top 10 countdown"

"One of the best top ten in this season"

"This was without doubt the best top 10 this season!
and ah #6, that's so similar to one dunk Kobe did before, perhaps D-Wade is watching these Top 10s for inspiration?
none the less, keep up the good work and KEEP THIS COMMENTATOR!"

"look at J-Smooth he was just walking and when he saw missed shot he get up from one leg just like that and still was above the rim - SICK!"

"d-wade killed the nets and that dooling dunk was pretty nice. bibby needs some dancing lessons by the way. haha"

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