Saturday, January 3, 2009

YouTube video: George Bush shoe attack

U.S. President George W Bush is attacked by an Iraqi reporter with a shoe. One of the most controversial YouTube videos .


"Like Bush or not, the Secret Service dropped the ball...there should not have been a second shoe thrown. I thought 'body guards' us their bodies to protect from harm?????"

"Ya your right, but that doesn't justify you using so many question marks in your comment. Your hurting the environment using all those ?'s. Also if some one invades your country thats doesn't give you the right to throw shoes, unless the origional offender struck... shoe first... wait... I'm confused. Crazy video ... never mind."

"Bob Marley was shot before a performance once. Was that truly a reflection of how the people on the street felt? Lennon was murdered at a recording once. Was that truly a reflection of how the people on the steet feel about him? You in Iraq? No? Then you can't judge an isolated incident. Neither can I."

"I honestly believe the whole world is against US politics-please resolve the problems facing your country,before you continue playing policeman!!Innocent citizens suffer from wrong decisions being made-typical dirty politics US interest always come first"

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