Thursday, May 8, 2008

YouTube video: Tim Russert - 'The Nominee'

Tim Russert: 'We Now Know Who The Nominee Will Be

“This nomination fight is over,” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos said on “Good Morning America” Wednesday. “More superdelegates will come out today for Barack Obama –they will come three, four, five at a time, and this nomination will be locked up. . . . People close to her say that she’s more likely to stay in if she feels cornered in by the party leaders.”

Late Tuesday, Clinton canceled her morning talk show appearances for today. She was expected to meet with superdelegates – top Democratic officials who can vote for whomever they want at the convention. Tim Russert decided late last night that Obama has all but won the nomination, saying: "We now know who the Democratic nominee is going to be."
His victory in NC and the closeness of Indiana earned him that nomination.
It doesn't matter which pundit says the obvious. By the way, I voted for Hillary in the CA primary. She would make a great President, but Obama has earned the nomination.

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