Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kobe Bryant Slam Dunks With Latest YouTube Stunt

Do you like to watch funny videos ? YouTubers love a good show -- whether it's the brainchild of a viral marketing campaign or not.

This is one of the most funny and unique video clips. Check out the latest installment of Kobe and his adventures with Nike's Hyperdunk shoe.

The gravity-defying clip (nice video) (right) of Lakers player Kobe Bryant dunking a basketball over a swimming pool full of snakes has tallied nearly 2.5 million since it was first posted last Friday.

There's just one catch: unlike the Levi's ad, there's little question that Nike is behind the video, which features Bryant fooling around with Jackass megapranksters Wee-Man and Party Boy before nailing his stunt.

Last month, Bryant performed a similarly orchestrated stunt to promote a line of Nike's Hyperdunk footwear. Nearly 4 million YouTubers tuned in to watch Bryant leap-frogging over an Aston Martin convertible.

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