Sunday, January 27, 2008

YouTube video: Bill Clinton Caught Nodding Off During MLK Service

Sometimes YouTube reveals some funny things. There are more funny videos in internet but most of them you can find on

Bill Clinton "Has a Dream" . This YouTube video is pretty much representative of Bill Clinton's entire presidency. Do you think that the speaker might be a relative to Martin Luther King or am I just mislead by the boredness of his speech? You can find more at Top YouTube Videos.

There's irony in the growing rift, considering Bill Clinton revels in the title of being American's "first black president," coinciding with him turning the White House (or at least the Oval Office) into a lecher's romping room. "Peter Worthington".

But please stop judging him because he was snoozing like if no one has done it before. I seen others do it and I have done it as well. Sometimes people are just really tired that it's hard to keep your eyes open.

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