Sunday, January 27, 2008

YouTube hit

“We’re Brothers Forever” has become a hit as Filipinos and even people of different nationalities are now making their own versions of the song, YouTube-style.

Sang and composed by Renaldo Lapuz, a Filipino contestant in the recent season of American Idol, the song has become a viral video which has inspired people to post their own clips singing the tune.

Donning a white hat that had Simon Cowell’s name printed on it, and a silver cape ala Elvis Presley, Lapuz auditioned for American Idol, a popular reality singing competition, in the hopes of making it to Hollywood. Check out some Top YouTube Videos stats.

While he failed to make the cut during the show, Cowell made a bold prediction that Lapuz’s song might become a hit record as YouTube video. Do you want to know more about YouTube and Baker Laboratory ?

YouTube users believe so.

One user has decided to make a remix of the song, which has also been posted on YouTube. A searchsearch on YouTube of “We're Brothers Forever" has produced more than 300 related videos so far.

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