Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The 10 YouTube videos we're STILL not bored of

The 10 YouTube videos

Some YouTube videos stay with you long after the first viewing. Sometimes because they have scarred and terrified you, other times because the sheer stupidity on display has lowered the bar further than previously thought possible.

Or sometimes it's just because they've got Carl Vorderman wearing a leather skirt in them and you've got the house to yourself for half an hour.

Whatever the reason for it, these are the 10 YouTube classics we go back to time and time again, for endless free entertainment - and have even considered trying to work out how to save to our computer just in case YouTube ever breaks or closes, such is their 'national treasure' status. A lot of interesting videos you can find on YouTube aggregator.

1. Carol Vorderman spelling out MILF on Countdown.

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