Monday, January 21, 2008

You Tube exec believes new tech to benefit old school

Developments in Internet have brought along with it the usual discussions about how this new player will affect the traditional ways of entertainment and news. Some are afraid, yet others work hard to adapt to it. Yet, taking a look at it all from the other side, YouTube’s Director of Video Partnerships Patrick Walker says “new technology” can be beneficial to traditional media in more than one way

One issue that is still being debated about Internet usage is the copyrights issue. Walker said YouTube provides rights owner many tools available if it feels something being uploaded is infringing on its copyright.

Technological progress changes the habits of content consumers and can benefit media companies that choose to understand and embrace it, rather than fight and deny it, said YouTube's director of video partnerships for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Even though brands and professional content will always be in demand, there is a trend toward individualization, which new technologies, such as those YouTube offers consumers.

Many media organizations see working with YouTube or similar platforms as beneficial, and some marketing departments even upload videos to promote films or television programs, he added.

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The world of new technology, in which YouTube has been a player since only 2005, evolves very quickly. Walker believes that the next two to three years will see experimentation in digitalizing archives and distribution and consumption schemes. After those initial years, content should become richer, which in turn, will create new revenues, he said.

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