Monday, January 21, 2008

Connex can't stop YouTube

A year after Connex suffered horrendous delays and mass cancellations due to a braking problem on its Siemens train fleet, a video has emerged on the internet lampooning the suburban rail operator.

The video - posted on YouTube - is entitled "You Can't Stop the Siemens" and has proved to be a hit with rail fans.

But the video - with karaoke lyrics sung to the tune of the Village People's You Can't Stop the Music - neatly sums up Connex's annus horribilis.

The braking issues first surfaced in November when The Age revealed that several Siemens trains had been impounded because of a braking malfunction. From most accounts the issue has been rectified with modifications made to the braking system.

Here you can watch Star Trek XI Teaser Trailer 11

I have always been a die hard fan of star trek, since I walked into the t.v. room one night when ST:TMP was on and I couldn't stop watching the Enterprise in spacedock. But this is much more grounded in reality, and thats cool too. Just a new and much needed different take on the subject matter. Frakkin' awsome plain and simple.

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