Sunday, January 20, 2008

Best of YouTube

I've got some clips loaded here, and I'll guide you through them after the jump. They're not all explicitly political, but YouTube represents the democratization of media, for better or for worse, as in the story of Dustin Hoffman, (not that one) a musician and cashier who fought with armed robbers just because he "wanted to look good on YouTube."

Best of YouTube

10 Questions: An ingenious, if burgeoning, debate Presidential format whereby citizens ask questions via Youtube, vote on the final 10 questions, then rate the candidates on how completely they answered. My favorite answer is here, Huckabee's game attempt at addressing the medical marijuana issue. Kudos to Mike, too, for being first to answer.

The opening salvo of Campaign '08, Youtube style. The clip caused quite a stir, and I wondered why Obama's campaign would run away from such a well-crafted message.

Obama Girl: A viral music video spoof that deconstructs R&B videos and the cult of personality with equal acuity. Plus, that's a really hot girl. Courtesy of

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