Tuesday, April 29, 2008

YouTube video: NBA TV Top 10: April 28th

When i saw the matchup. Celtics vs Hawks. I was pretty sure that celtics would sweep the hawks, but i have no idea that they can manage to tie it up, i'am teaming up with celtics but you have to give it up for the hawks! Nr 2 sounds just great. reminds my of josh smiths dunk last year. l like the hawks but the celtics are too good. but atlanta will grow and will be huge in 2 years if they stay together.

Wow! NBA Playoffs turned the other way around. Many expected that all series in the West would reach game 6. Look at it now, a sweep by the Lakers and a possible 4-1 by the Spurs, Jazz, and Hornets. Check out some great YouTube video clips here.

On the East, many expected that Pistons and Celtics would easily beat 76ers and Hawks. But now, both series are tied 2-2. Very very nice top 3... But if Im gonna rearrange it, it will be joe johnson's on top 3, Childress's dunk on 2 and Kobe's STEAL and DUNK on Camby my number 1. GO HAWKS! i believe they will extend the series to a game 7 where they'll have the biggest upset in history. this would be a greater upset than last year with the warriors and mavericks. kobe and lakers were clutch in the 4th quarter to get the sweep. Related links:

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