Saturday, April 5, 2008

Funny utube videos

"Just because she's young and beautiful doesn't mean I can't compete with her!" announced songwriter Karen Sokolof Javitch after she watched the Obama Girl on YouTube. So she is doing just that! She has written a song about how she wants to be Obama's Babe! Funny utube videos

Just go to YouTube and type in Obama Babe - Javitch. The video is guaranteed to make you laugh, whether or not you are for Obama. And oh, yeah, she only needs 7 million more hits to catch up to her competitor!

Javitch's age, 57, doesn't hold her back from competing with the "twenty something" Obama Girl. "You can be a babe at any age - just look at Goldie Hawn, Suzanne Somers, Michelle Pfeiffer. They are all babes!"

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