Tuesday, April 15, 2008

YouTube video: NBA TV Top 10: April 13

If Kobe doesn't win the mvp trophy this year, the nba must come up with a new award for bryant who makes a lot of impact not only to his team but also in the league.
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I love it when kobe crouches down from weakside D and always tries for the block. did it to yao earlier this year too, looks sweet. Here you will find some YouTube info.
Allen Iverson should be #2 becuz following up by that block was some else from denver. Lebron is one of the best players you will ever see. he gets points, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals. all you haters need to stop judging him and look at how he plays. going at the rate he's going he only needs 12 more years to pass kareems scoring record!

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