Wednesday, April 16, 2008

YouTube video: NBA TV Top 10: April 14

Lebron is a great player, but to put a lame dunk on top 10 just so he's on it is BS.. much worst is that they made it no. 1 on this day.. LEBRON can dunk that ball how ever he wants, his fans LOVES each time he does so, winning is what matters in the NBA.

LeBron might not have a "variety" of dunks, but ALL his dunks are higher than any dude in the league! (except for D.Howard). The game is not about doing different dunks. Its about Scoring. So people that get mad cause Lebron does the same dunk all the time get over it. He just putting numbers on the score board. Plus it was a sweet dunk one on three. And he still slamed it. Related link: Looking for something about YouTube ?

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