Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YouTube video: Miss USA California Responds To Gay Marriage Question From Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton asks Miss California what she thinks about legalizing gay marriage and she definitely does not give the politically correct answer. One of the most controversive YoUtube videos.

There are DEFINITELY a lot of boos coming from the crowd followed by mixed applause, though it's hard to hear the boos in the recording.

This recording is owned by NBC.


"She might have won the crowd, but not the crown. If one want to win a beauty pageant, or any contest/ competition if that matters, you should give the answer which pleasing the judges or tell them what they want to hear. They are ones who give the crown to the winner, not the audiences. (and you could imagine demographic of the judges.) Free speech, yes, but If you want to make a political statement, become a politician or an activist, not a beauty queen."

"She's just being honest.
But let me get this straight.
In a supposedly Free America we have the right the denounce and criticize straight and normal marriage, but we aren't even allowed to express our own opinion about homosexuality ?
Miss California, you just earned my respect! I love Utube video clips like this one.
Haters and Homosexuals, as much as you guys are free, she is free to express herself too."

"When a white kid grows up identifying with and later emulating and having the same tastes as the black people he sees no one ever says the white kid was born black. But when a man grows up identifying with and later emulating and having the same tastes as women then everyone wants to believe he was born that way. Until there is actually evidence that homosexuality is genetic the homosexual movement should stop regurgitating the "born that way" slogan. It gets old after a while."

"Just like the people whose "opinions" of Bush and his lying, incompetent administration were in the minority when his popularity was at 90%. We were eventually proven right, Bush showed himself to be a colossal failure, and the Iraq occupation was based on lies. I am waiting to see new YoUtube videos Those were some mighty dangerous extremists we had to purge from the White House in 2008, weren't they, cupcake?"

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