Monday, April 27, 2009

YouTube video: Hollie Steel - Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent: 10-year-old Hollie looks like any other little girl wanting to be a ballerina... that is until she opens her mouth...


"Simon wasn't out of line by any means, she's young but that doesn't mean she shouldn't get constructive criticism. He did compliment her actual talent, just didn't care for how she presented it."

"OW! i was like omg here we go... its gonna be another annoying little kid doing ballet around the stage in a tutu...but then she sang and Simons face was priceless ;DDD shes brilliant! Nice job Holly!"

"Some youtube facts: Lavender Tutu-$10, Ballet Shoes- $20, Simon's face-PRICELESS"

"probably b/c susan boyle is a utube cinderella story..she is middle-aged...not extremely pretty, and never been in love...this girl is good..but she's cute..she we've seen many other child singers."

"Someone laughed about Simon's face lighting up after she began to sing. Why pick on him? Everyone watching was bored until the girl began to sing. I *like* Simon's honesty. It's refreshing. That's why I love utube video clips"

"that was probably the biggest rebuff simon's ever gotten.. about to push the button and then WHAM out comes her aaamazing voice. you go little girl :)"

"She was very good but overall the whole programme tonight was as entertaining as sitting on a dentists chair and last week was no better i think we got spoilt the first week, i'd say if they were to do it all again Susan Boyle & Flawless would have been much later. Saying all that looking at him stopping the kid last week and ''just about'' to hit the buzzer tonight its getting more and more looking like its all stage managed, and then the sad music when she finished what was that all about?"

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