Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Most amazing YouTube video clips of 2008 !

Let's check out top YouTube video clips of 2008 !

1. Ninja cat comes closer while not moving!

2. ASTRONAUT on the golf course

3. Star Wars according to a 3 year old

Note from the author: Here is my daughter, age 3, explaining the plot of Star Wars Episode IV.
She explained the whole movie to me in much greater detail but unfortunately I didn't have the camera going. When I finally caught her talking about the movie again she delivered this truncated, but still funny, version.
Edit: Thank you all for the nice comments. Maybe I will print them out for her and someday and when she's all growed up she'll get to read them herself.
A little more about the video: She wasn't coached to say anything, nor was she forced to make the video. She rarely stops talking. Those of you with children understand this: sometimes it's harder to turn the faucet off than to turn the faucet on.
Believe it or not, she has the seem the movie only once, and I spread it out over 3 days so it wouldn't be too much all at once for her."

4. Yes We Can

Most videos on YouTube achieve fame because of their humor, but occasionally a more serious video merits distinction. In “Yes We Can,” footage of President-elect Barack Obama giving a speech is spliced with footage of various celebrities as they sing along with Obama. What makes the video so powerful is that everything about it—from the black and white film to the acoustic guitar accompaniment—is muted so that the speech can be the star. Regardless of its partisan motive, the video demonstrates that YouTube can successfully be used to reach people about more serious topics. In the US presidential election, YouTube looks as if it will play a key role. The video networking site is already providing what may be the biggest ever audience for a political speech, 17 million and counting.

5. Australian Party Guy

Melbourne teenager Corey Delaney - also known by his birth name Corey Worthington - has found worldwide fame after posting a party invite on MySpace. In 2008, the Australian current news show A Current Affair (ACA) aired a story about a party thrown by 16-year-old Corey Worthington while his parents were out of town. Kcrudy’s post, “cory worthington house party” shows the ACA interviewing Worthington, whose parents faced a possible fine of $20,000. Worthington uses the interview as an opportunity to begin advertising as a party-planner, which later proves to be a shrewd business move. People should watch this video not just for the humor, but also for the way it portrays today’s youth as inconsiderate, self-promoting capitalists.

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