Monday, February 4, 2008

YouTube news: Korea video sharing scene

The recently launched Korean version of YouTube has failed to create a big impact in the local video sharing scene, Korea Times reports. Wanna sit and relax watching funny video clips from YouTube ?

Now compare that to YouTube’s biggest local competitors. Pandora TV has an average of 997,000 daily visitors; Mncast, Mgoon, Gom TV and Afreeca are all ahead by a factor of two to five. That’s right: YouTube isn’t even in the top 5 video sharing websites in Korea, and the localized version hasn’t helped them one bit - so far, at least.

Internet traffic monitoring company Rankey reported a surge of traffic (382,000 daily visitors) to YouTube English and YouTube Korea on 23rd of January, the day of the launch; however, the extra traffic soon vanished, leaving YouTube at a meager 115,000 daily visitors in Korea.

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