Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chatham gets YouTube attention; worldwide attention on local filmers

The Internet generation is helping to bring some recognition to Chatham-Kent via the popular video-sharing website YouTube.

Chris Spafford, 31, owner of High Five skateboard shop in Chatham, has a video that's had more than 530,000 views and it's one of the best rated videos on the internet.

Within a month of posting it on YouTube, Ball said he received an e-mail from, an online thriller movie website, asking if he wanted to have his film featured in a compilation DVD of filmmakers around the world, titled "Twisted Vol. 4."

He honed his skills while doing promotional videos and filming Remembrance Day ceremonies as a student at Lambton Kent Composite School in Dresden.

Nolan Ball, 23, has a budding film career thanks to videos shot in Chatham - with local actors - that were noticed on You Tube.

He said the video features local skate boarders.

"A lot of people like to go online and watch goofy things, so they like to see people fall on their skateboards," he said.

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