Tuesday, May 26, 2009

YouTube video: Susan Boyle - Semi Final 1: Memory from Cats - Britains Got Talent 2009 (HQ)


"Susan Boyle is absolutely amazing
I would buy any and all CD's she makes
You go Susan
Don't let any negative comments destroy
your dream
You truly are the best of the "best"

" was thinking to my self, i thought, "self, what else can Susan Bolyle do after the performance that she auditioned with?" well thank you for the answer. that was awesome, congratulations in your continued success."

"she must have felt so much pressure...the whole world waiting for her next performance, but she was soo good, especially after the instrumental. i was blown away. and she looks so good!
i think she'd make a brilliant Mme. Thénardier from les mis!"

"Good Lord, folks! Give the woman a break! She is not a professional singer - she is an amateur with a voice from the angels. I think it just makes her more endearing that she started off with one, only one, bad note and the rest was pure ectasy. I will buy every CD she ever makes and, like others, would happily stand in line to do so. Her voice is beyond words."

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