Thursday, May 14, 2009

YouTube video: 05/12/2009 - Southwest Airlines Jet's Wheel Catches Fire During Landing In Texas

{NO AUDIO} A Southwest Airlines Jet's Landing Gear caught on fire after landing at Houston's Hobby Airport, forcing passengers to evacuate. - 05/12/09. If you like exciting Utube videos you should check out this one:


"Why zoom out during the best part of the landing when the action was happening camera man? Bravo! Then we get 5 minutes of it sitting there burning. Meh."

"Didnt need foam. In a class A fire (rubber) water has much better cooling effect than foam. Foam is for flammable liquid fires. The Rosenbauer truck has a switch that would start foam flowing in about 3 seconds if it had been needed. "Attendance" time? I guess you mean response time. There was absolutely no forewarning...and because of that, they were not at their standby positions."

"Look at all the people hauling all of their crap off that airplane. LEAVE YOUR STUFF BEHIND! All of it. No purses,no laptops,no nothing. Stand up, follow directions to evacuate, jump down the slide. You pulling items out of the overhead or out from under your seat may cause a delay that may cause injury or worse to other passengers. It also can cause issues going down the slide, like chasing papers around at the bottom of the slide and blocking egress. LEAVE YOUR STUFF BEHIND! I preferr funny clips..."

"Another interesting video on U-tube - in most caes the crew waits for the firefighters. Only they can see from the outside and can say where exactly the fire/dangerous area is and which emerg. exit the best is for the evac. Only in case of an high risk crash down or complete damage of the aircraft the crew use all emerg. exit for the passengers... "

"Pilots must complete the evacuation checklist which usually takes 1-2 minutes and usually the pilot will confirm again with the tower that the fire still exists before starting the evacuation, people get hurt in evacuations so if you can avoid one is better, so that is why any evacuation will take 1 or 2 minutes to initiate."

"As we can see on the video it's a simple fire, caused by a mechanical malfunction. Trained airline professionals ask everyone to deplane, and leave your belongings behind. The video clearly shows the selfishness and stupidity of several individuals. Had this been a serious emergency, lives may have been lost while those who thought their briefcase was more important than their safety."

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