Thursday, July 24, 2008

YouTube video - WNBA First Brawl Ever! Parker Fight! Full (High Quality)

Exclusive!!! First Wnba brawl July 22nd 2008, Los Angeles Sparks vs Detroit shock. Candace Parker started the brawl. One of the most incredible video clips from YouTube:

YouTubers' opinions:

"both fault..and this is why i dont wat wnba...i dont want to see 2 african american chicks fighting on the borderline of nba....shame shame shame..."

"this was so funny, women taking shots at male coaches....and the players actually think we CARE about their emotions haha its pure entertainment"
"I see hypocrisy. The WNBA wants "next" ? They want equal time/respect/etc. But then everyone is quick to point out that a MAN "pushed" Lisa down. He was trying to break up a fight and be a peacemaker. He barely made contact and she fell down. People are making a bigger deal of that than the dispicable fight. It is very clear that no matter how good they are they will always be thought of as girls first ball players second. Lisa should not hide behind being a mother and a role model."
"Sometimes Utube gives us nice break from reality - way to go now the detriot shcok must feel like complete dumbasses lmao i love it women try to fight and hurt there own players just proves they cant play basketball" Advertisement: Fresh new funny videos: It's TurtleSays, Not SimonSays!

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Anonymous said...

and now the women are the thugs that the men are? extremely disappointing.