Saturday, November 22, 2008

Police Dashcam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada

Last Thursday at around 17:30 local time, a large meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere over the Canadian prairies, breaking up over central Alberta. More like a bolide, possibly even a meteorite. Very impressive utube video! The dashboard camera of a police cruiser captured this incredible footage:


-It is the right video, but this perspective is from Devon, south-east of Edmonton.

-All of this might be too unbelieveable, but this resession, economy crash among other unfolding world events are all pre planned. Well, the story is too long, and my time is short here so I'm going to stop here. However, there is a possible way to protect yourselves from the coming storm. Post a message in my profile and I will try to point you in the right direction. For those that dont believe, please dont be rude and send me hateful messages just lay down and take antibiotics and hope 4 best

-I am anxious to find out where it hit and what damage it caused. I hope no people nor expensive property were damaged.


Anonymous said...

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very random.
Looks like a real Obama celebration?? What do you say to that hey??

Mia said...

what can I say, just amazing!

ygor said...

wow.that's cool.thank you for the link