Sunday, September 21, 2008

YouTube video - Low flying aircraft over house

This house is built under the Belgium airport Zavetem Approach. Those people speak the Dutch language. The skinny one speaks Dutch and the old farmer type a Dutch/Flemmish dialect and he says " oi did you see that ? you saw that ? Thats only 5 meters from the roof"

YouTubers' comments:

"My house is underneath a flight path and planes fly over all the time, its really annoying and they come often and low and sometimes sound really unhealthy like they're gonna crash!! This is really amazing video!"

"i feel bad for the chickens in the backround.... that would get annoying, at Virginia beach theres this one mini golf course, f-18 hornets fly right over it every 12 seconds(12 seconds is not being exaggerated)"

"Usually houses aren't put that close to final approach. That would suck if they really put houses that close. Course, urban sprawl is why all our airports in the U.S. are going extinct! Check out funny Pictures and videos"

"Well no need for an alarm clock in the morning that is for sure! There should be no flights over London as I witnessed a near miss and what happens three weeks later? It was reported on the BBC news. Have you ever been to YouTube ?"

"It was actually landing ,, going by the sounds of the engines it wasnt poering up.
All i can say is, sod living right next to a glidescope for that particular airport, how the hell do they sleep at night with aircraft as low as that coming in to land everynight !!"

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