Saturday, August 23, 2008

YouTube video - Tornado throws a bus in Poland

YouTubers' comments:

"HalasBKS, according to the description of enhanced fujita scale given in the wikipedia article, together with news reports of damages, some places experienced at least F2, apparently."

"wow shes right there beside them, beautiful. i wish i were on the bus. hope no one was hurt though. see tons of funny videos and funny quotes."

"one of the most incredible youtube news since when does poland get tornadoes like this. the whole world will probably get weather like this sooner rather than later."

"A tornado threw your bus aside, knocking people, luggage, and other miscellaneous stuff around. I'd be screaming if the car I was in flipped over, let alone a whole bus. One of the top videos from YouTube And think about it. A bus that weighs many tons getting flipped over is not the greatest thing. Imagine how hard it would be to get out of that with everything in disarray."

"thats crazy! god i hope there alive!! if a tornado comes- you must run north or south, because tornados move east and west. then you should be alright"

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